Which programming language is Omnisci written in

I am looking for a DB engine for my project. And since I want to run my queries on a GPU omnisci looks like a great option, however before I go down the rabbit hole of trying to install the opensource code of onmisci I just wanted to check what language its written in. Looking at the code on Github and the dependencies looks like it is C++. however, the dependencies include Go.

Can someone please shed some light on what languages are used to build the omnisci database?


the core of the databae itself is written in C++, but since we use Apache Calcite as parser (and more), java is needed to, while is quite marginal.

Probably the dependencies include Go because it’s has been used to build the web server needed to run the Immerse tools, that’s needed for data visualization and it’s write in JS.

Anyway thelanguages needed for the database engine only are C++ and Java (99/1).

to go more deeply on how things are working under the hoods, check the developer docs following this link.

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