Why Data Projects Fail (And What To Do About It)

OmniSci’s Co-Founder and CEO, Todd Mostak, recently posted this article to the Forbes Technology Council, talking about how outdated tools contribute to the failure of data transformation projects.

In the finger-pointing that ensues after a failed initiative, the analytics and data science software stacks themselves too often escape scrutiny, despite forming the critical bridge between the organization’s human and data capital.

So, if your data project is struggling, don’t blame the passionate people who are hungry to make the transition to being data-driven. Instead, give them the tools that unlock their curiosity.

Even the most seemingly hopeless diagnoses of all – that a data-driven culture has not blossomed or that an organization is not ready for “digital transformation” – can often be attributed to the demoralizing effects of not pairing the passion and deep intuition of analysts, data scientists and other practitioners with the tools that let them work at the speed of their curiosity.

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